Last Month

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Bits & Pieces

Here’s a few things that went down.


I started another painting class.


The pumpkins arrived.

happy hour





Happy hour with my sister on a weekday.

mystic museum


A visit to the Mystic Museum.




Onto November!


Coffee Shop Adventures

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Coffee Shop Adventures / Observations

It’s no mystery that I love going to coffee shops to enjoy lattes, read, write and eavesdrop. Just kidding, I don’t always eavesdrop but I love people watching at coffee shops. I particularly like going on Mondays (when I happen to have the day off) because it’s a bit of a different crowd. It’s the retiree crowd, the student crowd who are working on projects or meeting up with others in their class, the moms with the young children or the people who get to work at home and are working away on their laptops.

This morning  while I was brainstorming some stuff and enjoying my granola and vanilla latte there was some good conversations going on around me. The first one that caught my ears was a man (who I pressumed worked in law) talking away on his cell phone about a case he was working on. He was talking about the seriousness of the case and how it will be so detrimental to his client if the client lost. It stirred all my curiosities. What did his client do? Did the client really do it? What happens to this person if the case is lost? Is it a man or woman? Most of all, what did the client do?

Across from me was a couple who were working on some sort of project. Sounded like the man was helping the women and when he had to leave, she thanked him so very much for taking time to help her out.

The best conversation was a group next to me. They was about five men and one woman ranging in age from maybe their 40’s to retiree age. I’ve seen this group at this coffee shop before. One man had a French accent, but was speaking Spanish at one point. The lady was speaking Spanish with him. Another man had a middle eastern accent. They talked about everything from the Russian election probe, how Facebook was involved (or not involved…wink/wink), Janet Jackson and how she just became a Mom at age fifty and their jobs (or where they used to work). It was so interesting to listen to them. I ,at one point, wanted to walk over and join them, they seemed like the kind of people who would be happy to add new members. The thing I liked about them most of all was 1) it reminded me of traveling abroad and how you often see people at cafes discussing all subjects under the sun and 2) they were able to speak freely about their opinions on all these subject without getting into an arguement or voices being raised which lately in America hasn’t been the case.

So that was that, and while I was sitting there listening and people watching, I thought I’d make this a regular feature, because it is fun and it’s kind of what I do all the time.


Happy Monday!

Still here

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Bits & Pieces / Current / Uncategorized

It’s been hard for me to keep this space up the last few months. Summer was hard. Not sure why but I was just not motivated to do much.

However, I did…

close up

Explore a little teeny-tiny bit.

Good bye II

Drink margaritas. One of my favorite summer drinks.

Good bye III

Go camping at the beach.

Now I’m ready to drink lots of coffee and enjoy all that the new season has to bring.

Good bye IV

Slummin’ in the Summer

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Favorite Things / Seasons

It’s August! Where did the time go? I had all these plans this summer but I’ve pretty much  been sitting around trying to stay cool. I’ve been a summer bummer. The one thing I have been excited about is my paint class. I’ve never taken a paint class, maybe in college but I think I dropped out.

Anyhoot, it’s been fun. I’m not that great, but I don’t care. I’m there to learn and experiment. Kind of my own adult summer camp.

paint 1

paint 2

paint 3

paint 4

paint 5

paint 6

I’ve got a ways to go but I’m really enjoying myself and right now, that’s all that matters to me.

Sundays Forever

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iphone / Sundays Forever

It’s Sunday and today was HOT, super toasty, humidity way to much humidity. However, things still need to get done. Here’s Sunday.


Oh wow, the morning sky. Just wow.


Noticed this nice color combo while out on a walk.


This color combo at the Farmer’s  Market. The carrots also look so good.


This coming Tuesday would have been my Mom’s birthday, so we wanted to buy some pretty flowers to take to the cemetery. These did the job.


Some damn fine coffee. Okay it wasn’t fine, but I’ve been watching the first run of “Twin Peaks” and that’s all I think about when I order coffee now. I can’t wait to start watching the new re-boot of the show.

I hope you are not melting and enjoying a nice Sunday at the beach.

Things Upon Things

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Bits & Pieces / Observations

Hello! To those in the U.S.A., Happy 4th of July. I hope you are enjoying your day with friends, family, delicious food and a pool or beach. Me, I’m keeping it indoors today then am going to a friends house to watch fireworks later.

Here are some things I’ve been up to and places I’ve visited this past week.


Went to the Vanilla Bake Shop and enjoyed their delicious coffee and scrumptious sea salt and chocolate chip cookie.

wander 1


wander 2

I wish I lived here.

fm haul

Farmers Market haul.


My boo was feeling under the weather this week. A trip to the vet’s office was needed. She’s pretty much back to normal now. Yay!!


Went to MOCA on Saturday and loved these pink strips.

moca 2

Saw the Kerry James Marshall exhibition. Feel in LOVE with so many of his paintings but couldn’t stop looking at this beautiful color combo. It made me want to go out and paint something beautiful and meaningful.



Have fun on your daily adventures!!

Hello San Juan Capistrano

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Adventures / Canon EOS M3

After our San Clemente visit, we made our way to San Juan Capistrano. Such a cute little town.

hummingbird cafe

Wanted to eat here but it was aleady closed. Boo! It’s right off the Amtrak train tracks.

up close

cacti tree

There is a nice adobe house with some pretty gorgeous cacti trees. It gives you a bit of the history of the city.




sea shells

There is a nice little neighborhood by the train tracks. It’s a mix of residential, cafes, shops a cute tea house and a coffee cafe that I really want to go back and try.


I love mini libraries.


It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. I’d like to go back and visit more of the area.


Sundays Forever

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iphone / Sundays Forever

It’s Sunday today. It’s also way too hot for my comfort level, so on this toasty Sunday, I tried to keep cool by hanging out in air conditioned spaces.

First stop, the Pasadena Museum of California Art

judy jetson

It’s the Kosmic Krylon Garage by Kenny Scharf . kid art

They have a really cool space where you can make your own piece of art related to their current exhibition. This one caught my eye. If you are ever visiting the Pasadena area, I suggest a visit to Pasadena Museum of California Art. They always have some interesting exhibitions going on and lots of family programs.

After the museum I headed to the movies and saw Paris Can Wait. It was good and made me want to visit France again. The scenery, the history, the FOOD!! Ah France, I love you!


As seen on my walk from the movie theater to my car. I can’t get enough of bougainvillea. So pretty and bright.


Finally, a creamsicle for desert. I think they are making them smaller now but still good.

Happy Sunday!

Hello San Clemente!

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Adventures / Canon EOS M3

Last week I started my vacation or should I say staycation. I was itching to go somewhere, so we took a nice day trip to the beach town of San Clemente. I guess you could say I kind of fell in love.


The surf report for the day looked pretty swell. Just kidding, I have no idea what any of this means other than surfers should use caution.


I did sit on the pier and watch the surfers for a good while. I love watching surfers. It’s mesmerizing to watch what they are going to do. They sit there waiting for that perfect wave and as it gets closer you can see them deciding if they should ride it or just duck into it and let the wave ride them. I was tempted to jump in and start body surfing myself. The water looked so inviting on such a hot day. Very cool.

no swim


Since none of brought our bathing suits we decided to do the next best thing… have some drinks. My prefered drink for the day was a bloody mary.

color combo

Time to explore the neighborhood. I liked this color combo very much.


Heard good things about Bear Coast Coffee and my iced vanilla latte hit the spot for that extra perk of energy. Plus it was really cute inside.

palm trees

Quintessential California shot.

house envy

So much house envy (even though it was a hotel). I want to stay here next time.

It was a good day!

Summer Bucket List

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Lists / Summer

Summer is just around the corner, although it’s been feeling more like November with all this June-gloom. Either way, I’m ready to start thinking about what I want my Summer to look like so I made a bucket list. Do you ever go overboard with “to-do” lists? I do, especially when they come from daydreams and wishful thinking, so I tried to keep this a bit more realistic.

Here we go!

summer list

  • Work on my resume.
  • Apply for 3-5 jobs.
  • Take lunch to work 3-5 days a week (I’ve been eating out way to much lately).
  • Make 2 recipes from the following new cookbooks: Cooking for Jeffrey, Damn Fine Cherry Pie: The Unauthorized Cookbook Inspired by the TV Show Twin Peaks, Eat Like a Gilmore the Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of the Gilmore Girls. I got these for my birthday and haven’t cooked any of the recipes yet.
  • Buy fresh flowers from the neighborhood Sunday Farmers Market.
  • Go for more photo walks.
  • Start a regular exercise routine. I’m thinking lots of walking the hills around my house, hikes and water kickboxing at the pool.
  • Blog 3 times a week.
  • Weekend neighborhood jaunts – explore my local surroundings. cook booksmove

So far, I’ve started my exercise routine – steep hills, sore legs. I’ve also taken to lunch this week to work and bought some flowers last Sunday. Hooray!

“In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different”.

John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent