Month: June 2016


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Randon Thoughts / Uncategorized

It’s a part of me. It calms, restores, cools and just makes me happy to be around. It glistens, shines and crashes with mighty currents. I wish that one day I could live in a cottage by the ocean. Alone yet not alone. It’s beautiful in the Summer and beautiful in the Winter. Its part of Mother Earth but is such an integral part of my own personal welfare. Water.

A Memory

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Childhood / Family

On this gloomy and rainy  Saturday morning, I realized something…I have no plans this weekend!! I don’t have to work, run a bunch of errands, take care of anybody, go to any social events/ parties, or meet anybody for lunch or dinner. Insert happy dance here…    Not that I don’t enjoy doing those things, but for some reason this past year has been a year of “to-do” lists, lots of things to do and […]

Sundays Forever

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Sundays Forever

Sundays are probably my favorite days. It’s a day to slow down, take in the sun (or clouds) and savor. Here’s what this past Sunday looked like. A hearty and leisurely breakfast. It’s Farmer’s Market season. Yes,  yes, yes!! Haven’t been to one in awhile, so what better time then now. Good font, type and color at the local Farmers Market. Carrots for your eye health. An EXPLOSION of COLOR. Couldn’t believe how pretty these […]


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road trips / Uncategorized

When you go on a mini road trip to San Diego with your best friends to see one of the BEST bands of all time (THE CURE), you indulge in some desserts from Extraordinary Desserts. Before After. Ahhh, so good! You have to indulge every once in awhile. Life is too short to miss out on good times with good people.