A Memory

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Childhood / Family

On this gloomy and rainy  Saturday morning, I realized something…I have no plans this weekend!! I don’t have to work, run a bunch of errands, take care of anybody, go to any social events/ parties, or meet anybody for lunch or dinner.

Insert happy dance here…


Not that I don’t enjoy doing those things, but for some reason this past year has been a year of “to-do” lists, lots of things to do and lots of things to take care of, which meant my quiet weekends have been pretty obsolete.

This also got me thinking of the Saturdays of my childhood. Here’s a typical Saturday. Wake up,get ready and go to my Grandma’s house or “Sama” as we called her, with my Mom and Sister. Lots of people would gather at Sama’s house on Saturdays. My great-uncle whom she would have breakfast ready for while he did his laundry or little jobs for her around her house. My two male cousins who lived there with her and would roll out of bed mid-morning, make coffee, eat breakfast then go do teenager things. Sometimes my two other cousins would get dropped off . The three of us cousins only had a few years between us, me being the youngest and they would allow me to hang out with them while they played with Barbies, make up or play games outside. Remember when games were outside and not in front of a computer screen?

If breakfast wasn’t eaten at my house before we left, Mom or Sama would make something for me and my sister. I’d sit and eat and watch my great-uncle watch Saturday morning television, which usually included some old war movie, “Gilligan’s Island” or the news but usually he would let us kids watch “Scooby-Doo” (my favorite cartoon), “The Smurfs”or “Looney Tunes”. Then like a flash, he was gone. His chores and laundry were done and he’d leave until next week. As clean up of breakfast started, I’d often hear my Mom and Sama chit chatting in Spanish, which usually meant they were gossiping.

Sometimes our gang would walk to the nearby park and go swimming at the local pool or play on the jungle gym. During the Summer months, they would have a snack stand and this snack stand  would sell these delicious things called strips. They were tortilla strips cut thinly, topped with delicious melted cheese some kind of red sauce and sometimes had sour cream. Yes, they do sounds like nachos but there was something different. They were delicious and when I think of them, they resonate nothing but good memories. After our park adventures, we’d head back to Sama’s house and my Mom would take her on errands, the market, the bank, her Senior Citizens club if necessary or wherever else she had to go. Me and my sister would sit in the back seat and I would listen to their conversations. Then we’d take Sama home and head back to our house.

Both my Mom and Sama have passed away in recent years, but those memories, I hope, will never fade away. They were the best memories a girl could have.

As for this Saturday, my plan is to catch up on my new book purchase, maybe replant my succulents and watch a lot of television, maybe I’ll catch an old “Scooby-Doo” episode on Youtube.

sat morn


What are your Saturday plans? Whatever they are, I hope they hold some of the best memories for you.




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