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Highland Park is a quickly changing neighborhood just a couple of cities over from my home. I venture there often for a coffee or a bite after a good hike. After a nice breakfast at one of the many restaurants, we wandered down the street to scope out the new stores that are rapidly appearing.

Then we came across Highland Bowl. Highland Bowl used to be Mr. T’s Bowl. A place I would hang out at from time to time because they had lots of live rockabilly and punk bands. It’s been refurbished and preserved, similar to the way it used to look back when it was an actual bowling alley in the 1920’s. They weren’t officially open yet but they allowed us to come in and take a looksy. Boy, it’s changed (but still kind of smells the same).



The lanes are reopen. I don’t recall seeing the lanes before, at least not like this.


Kind of feel in love with the old banners and the natural light seeping in through the windows.


They have some pretty interesting bars. They have a pizza parlor and a seating area that wasn’t open yet. I have to say, I was rather impressed. Maybe one day I’ll grab some friends, have a pizza and bowl some bad bowling.

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