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Summer is in full bloom. I’m going to admit, summer is not my favorite season. Here in Southern California, the heat is intolderable. Anything about 80 degrees makes me want to lie on my bed under a full blast air conditioner. It drains a lot of my energy. Oh well, what am I go to do? I’m going to make lemonade out of lemons. One of my favorite parts of summer is the light. It can go from stark and bright to golden and smooth.

Here’s what I’ve been chasing this summer.




Re-potted some of my succulents and cacti. Yay for growth (and remembering to tend to them). 🙂


My boo!!


My sister and I share an affinity for Penguins frozen yogurt with sprinkles. So pretty and so good.


We are also obsessed with coloring books and watercolours, especially in our backyard on a Sunday afternoon.


How about some super delicious Reinder cherries? Don’t mind if I do. I tend to not be a big water drinker but this year I am doing my best to drink the most water possible. How do I do it you ask? I’ve been infusing it with anything from blackberries and mint to cucumbers to strawberries and basil. Let me tell you, it does the trick.

red moon

There is a pretty huge brush fire happening in a not so close city to me but the smoke and ash is heading over with full speed. This morning while walking Lady I looked up and saw this. Kind of looks like the apocalypse. Just hoping nobody gets hurt and its contained soon.

Thanks for letting my share my summer thus far. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and feel free to share what your summer is looking like… good, I hope.

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  1. Fun (well, except for the fire) and colorful photos 🙂

    Oh, Penguin’s takes me back…I used to eat it all the time in college. And great tip about how to get yourself to drink more water. I don’t drink enough, either!


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