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Lately I’ve been feeling a little down. Not my usual sparkly and happy self. I tend to be an over thinker and when I get stressed out or overwhelmed that thinking sometimes turns to anxiety. I try to downturn the anxiety with other outlets such as photo taking, painting or reading.

I thought it would be good for me to start looking at the happy things in my life. The little everyday things that make me smile or add an extra skip in my walk. So, here are three things that made me happy this week.

  • Somebody thanked me for doing my job. I get it, it’s my job and I try to do my best and sometimes it’s hard and stressful so when you hear a “Thank you” for something that you enjoy doing that is part of your everyday life, it’s nice to hear.
  • I finished my layout for my July art journal/photo book. Maybe I should share those layouts here sometime.
  • I had ice cream twice this week and it tasted soooo good!

Here are three snapshots I took that made me happy.


As seen while walking the dog.


Macaroon madness!!! #drooling #keepyourcomposure



More observations while walking the dog.

It’s Saturday! I suggest everybody enjoy the sunshine, grab a cold hard cider and have some BBQ.

Until next time!



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