By the Sea

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California / Family / iphone / Summer

Vacation, it’s the best. If you can take the time, do it. Last week I got back from our annual family trip to the beach. Not going to brag but it was a good time and I kind of hated to come back. Here’s what went down.


This way to the beach.


There was some coloring involved. There are about three generations who come on our annual trip and we try to hang out as much as possible. It’s fun.


There were adult drinks to be had and laughter.

yarn blast

Yarn blasts at the local art center. The colors are pretty rad.

beach sky

I spy with my little eye a kite in the beach sky. Hey, that kind of rhymed. Seriously though, check out that sky.

tide pools

Morning view…not bad. Every year the cousins take a walk to the tide pools. #Tradition.


Every year, I take a walk down the beach at sunset. One walk, all by myself to appreciate the wonder of the ocean. So lucky that we live near such an amazing space. #nofilter.

I think I’m lucky and grateful that we have this special time with family. Some people do not always get along with their family, some do. I’m glad we do, maybe not all the time but we’re always there for each other and I consider my cousins family and friends. I think we’ve got each other’s backs. Cheers to family. Cheers to a beautiful city.

If you ever have a chance to spend some time in Carpinteria, CA you should do it. It’s such a cool beach town with friendly people, cars who stop for you when you are bike riding, cute shops and a nice beach.




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