School Days

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Around the city, thousands of kids are heading back to school. The local Target stores have been crazy busy with parents purchasing supplies for the new year. It got me thinking how much I used to love the first week of school. I loved, loved (and still do) browsing the school supplies aisles. I loved going my down my supply list and checking items off. I loved looking at all the notesbooks, calendars, fresh pencils (my favorite item), new pens, markers, crayons, art supplies for art class and anything else that was needed. Except for calculators. Calculators. They reminded me of my hatred for learning math and how much agony it brought me during the school year. Worst. Subject. It gave me nightmares. I had countless tutors and countless tears of disappointment. Ugh, math!

I could never sleep the first few days before school started. I was always curious who was going to be in my class then in high school who would I be sitting next to for each class. What new students were arriving and who had left. In sixth grade I changed schools. I went from a public school with lots of friends to a catholic school were I knew nobody. It was probably one of the hardest transitions of my young life.

I ended up really loving high-school. I went to an all girls Catholic school were I met one of my best friends, started going to concerts, hung out on the weekends at the movies and the mall. I loved my English, Religion and Art classes (notice I didn’t mention math). In my junior year, I even joined the yearbook committee (does that scream dork?). I don’t care if it does because it was fun and I got to take photos with film cameras and develop them. There were some good times in high-school.

Then came college. I didn’t do the traditional go to university and dorm. I stayed at home, went to a community college and worked part-time but I really did love college. It’s where I met my other best friend, where boys were everywhere, and where it was my choice to pick classes and start to decide what I wanted to do with my life. Still trying to figure that out! I also had lots of fun going to house parties, seeing lots of house bands, going to the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the first time, I mean we were 18 years old and couldn’t do much but it was so fun. I took the bus almost everywhere. A new responsibility in my life, had to get myself to school and my job after classes and make sure I got there on time. I knew the bus schedules on my route by heart. I got to see a lot of interesting people on the bus. Sometimes I would ride it with other friends who were on the same route. Sometimes I would ride alone, just me and my walkman. Remember walkmans?

School and education was always a priority for me and something instilled in my by my parents. I’m glad they pushed me to do good, take pride in my work and do the best I could. Sometimes I miss going to school and wonder if I should go back. I guess learning new things is always a option in someone’s life. Even if it’s just for fun.

So, whether you are heading back yourself or sending off your kids, don’t forget to buy your school supplies and don’t forget your lunch!

supplies 2

A cute bag to carry everything in makes going back a little easier.

fresh pencils 2

Oh my, those fresh pencils.



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