Month: September 2016

Fall Bucket List

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Bits & Pieces / Seasons

Hello! I was going over my calendar and looks like the days are filling up quickly, so before I got too busy, I thought I’d put together my seasonal bucket list. Things I hope to do during this sumptuous Fall season. Here’s a look: Buy: pumpkins! Halloween decorations for our annual Halloween party. Do: decorate the house for Halloween. Clean, instead of spring cleaning, I tend to fall clean. Bake: a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and […]


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Bits & Pieces / iphone

Hello! Welcome to another week. It’s hot here in Southern California but I’m okay with that. As long as I am not feeling sticky, I’m good. I hope you are good too. Here are some things that are currently going on in my edge of the world. Did I ever mention I have a slight addiction towards office and art supplies. I do. I can’t stop. I love them. Here are some nice Micron pens that I […]


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Bits & Pieces / Canon EOS M3 / Favorite Things

It’s here. I’ve literally been counting the days. Fall has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the season of happy for me. It’s the time of  year when I have an extra skip in my step. Where the weather is crisp, the Santa Ana winds are blowing, the light starts to change and the leaves start to fall. It’s great. There are lots of clear skies and puffy clouds. Pumpkins start to appear […]