There’s a feeling of “Boo” in the air

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Favorite Things

Can you feel it? Yes, Halloween is right around the corner. I love, love Halloween (even more than Christmas). It’s a time for ghouls, goblins, candy, costumes and all things macabre. As the days are getting closer, I’ve been watching my favorite scary movies and thought I’d share them.

So, here you go, in no particular order.

P.S.- I tend to stick to the more classic movies. They seem more scary to me then the blood and guts movies of today.

* Carnival of Souls

Is she dead? Did she survive the crash? Is somebody really following her? You have to watch to find out.

* Halloween I & II

What’s scarier then some psycho running around a neighborhood with a freaky mask? The fact that this seems like it could happen in real life freaks me out.

* Rosemary’s Baby

Spawn of Satan…enough said. Plus it’s beautifully filmed and Rosemary’s outfits are quintessential 60’s fashion.

*The Uninvited

Ghosts and a haunted house. This movie is a bit creepy but it’s more nostalgic for me. It was one of my Mom’s favorite scary movies. Every October my Mom, sister and I would pull out our blankets and watch it on TCM. Good memories.


The score alone gives me the creepies. It  involves witches and is also beautifully shot.

* The Exorcist

This movie is really hard for me to watch because its scares the he** out of me but that’s the point, right?

*House on Haunted Hill (and almost anything else with Vincent Prince).

It’s more kitschy then scary but there are some “ah” moments and I love William Castle.


Good ol’ boy-next-door Norman and his weird Mom issues.Classic Hitchcock.

*The Blair Witch Project

Because when I saw it in the theater, I had no idea if it was real or fake. After watching it, my friends and I were scared to walk from our car to our apartment.

* The Omen

Cute kid who turns out to be Satan.

So many more movies to share but this post has to end sometime. Creepy dreams and make sure to look behind the bushes when you are out and about.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. You are brave! I can’t really watch scary movies – I end up holding my hand in front of my face for the whole movie. But I did just finish watching “Stranger Things” on Netflix. Have you watched this series?


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