Road Trippin’ Pt. 1

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A few weeks ago I went on a little road trip, with my sister and Dad up to Santa Barbara. What can I say, the weather was beautiful, the company was good and I think we all had a good and relaxing time.


Some nice colors in the patio area. So California!


We took a walk on the pier. This little guy seemed to be enjoying his ocean so much. He was just riding the waves like it was nobody’s business.



I love the rustic feel of a wharf. I also love the different colors of blue and green.



I ALMOST went in but was a little scared. Anybody else ever visit a palm reader?



We had a whale of a time. HARDY-HAR-HAR.

Next stop Ojai!!


  1. Awesome pics…

    I went to party once where there was a palm reader. The one thing I remember her telling me was: “If you don’t take yourself seriously, no one else will.” Ouch! But it was so true…


    • Gina says

      Hmm, I’m scared the fortune teller will read into my soul and tell me stuff I don’t want to know!


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