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Wow, what a week we’ve had here in the U.S. Emotions are running high, people (including myself) are sad about the election that happened last week, others are happy and are hoping for “change” (I find that hard to digest).

Here’s something I wrote last Wednesday that still sum up my feelings.

What a difference 24 hours makes.Yesterday at this time, I was getting ready to get in line at my voting poll place. A little park in my neighborhood where the line was already long when I got there. As I stood and watched people, I saw families go to vote together, little children happy to be walking out with their “I voted” stickers. A family took a selfie after placing their votes I was optimistic.

I’m not going to lie, there were many times when I thought to myself during this election that I wouldn’t vote. I couldn’t take the way the election was being brought into our lives anymore. However, as the months and days got closer I thought, I need to vote. I can’t let this opportunity pass by without trying. I voted for those who couldn’t. Those who lived in the communities that President Dump talked about with so much hatred. I voted for my grandparents, who immigrated from Mexico with pretty nothing. If it wasn’t for their sacrifice and bravery, me (and the rest of my family) may not be living here, where our lives have been filled with opportunities. I voted for the women and little girls who needed a good role model and not a sexist pig representing our country. I voted for those who couldn’t. Sure, it was one vote but it counted.

I had knots in my stomach the whole day. As the polls started to close, I was shocked at what I was seeing. When I got home, I busied myself with other work and watched anything but the election results. As the night came to a close I was sad. I feel asleep. I woke up at 2:00 am checked my phone, saw the sad news and got a little teary eyed. I’m still in shock and feeling disappointed.

I hope something good comes out of this win for President Dump. I hope people begin to wake up. I hope communities come together and fight together, not apart. I hope people are kind to one another and stop with the hate filled words.
Let’s move together not apart. Peace


Some of my anger and shock has subsided, I’m on to acceptance. It’s happened, but what am I going to do to make sure the hate words don’t continue?  I’m going to donate money to organizations who work to ensure positive policies on immigration rights, civil liberties and the enviroment. I’m going to research organizations to volunteer. There’s a fire burning in me and instead of getting angry and complaining about things, I’m going to go into action and help where possible.

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  1. Beautiful words… This is a tough one. I think many can take a cue from you and act instead of complain, and try to be an advocate for yourself and others that may not be able to stand up for themselves.


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