Sundays Forever

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iphone / Sundays Forever

It’s Sunday today. It’s also way too hot for my comfort level, so on this toasty Sunday, I tried to keep cool by hanging out in air conditioned spaces.

First stop, the Pasadena Museum of California Art

judy jetson

It’s the Kosmic Krylon Garage by Kenny Scharf . kid art

They have a really cool space where you can make your own piece of art related to their current exhibition. This one caught my eye. If you are ever visiting the Pasadena area, I suggest a visit to Pasadena Museum of California Art. They always have some interesting exhibitions going on and lots of family programs.

After the museum I headed to the movies and saw Paris Can Wait. It was good and made me want to visit France again. The scenery, the history, the FOOD!! Ah France, I love you!


As seen on my walk from the movie theater to my car. I can’t get enough of bougainvillea. So pretty and bright.


Finally, a creamsicle for desert. I think they are making them smaller now but still good.

Happy Sunday!

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