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Bits & Pieces / Observations

Hello! To those in the U.S.A., Happy 4th of July. I hope you are enjoying your day with friends, family, delicious food and a pool or beach. Me, I’m keeping it indoors today then am going to a friends house to watch fireworks later.

Here are some things I’ve been up to and places I’ve visited this past week.


Went to the Vanilla Bake Shop and enjoyed their delicious coffee and scrumptious sea salt and chocolate chip cookie.

wander 1


wander 2

I wish I lived here.

fm haul

Farmers Market haul.


My boo was feeling under the weather this week. A trip to the vet’s office was needed. She’s pretty much back to normal now. Yay!!


Went to MOCA on Saturday and loved these pink strips.

moca 2

Saw the Kerry James Marshall exhibition. Feel in LOVE with so many of his paintings but couldn’t stop looking at this beautiful color combo. It made me want to go out and paint something beautiful and meaningful.



Have fun on your daily adventures!!

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