Coffee Shop Adventures

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Coffee Shop Adventures / Observations

It’s no mystery that I love going to coffee shops to enjoy lattes, read, write and eavesdrop. Just kidding, I don’t always eavesdrop but I love people watching at coffee shops. I particularly like going on Mondays (when I happen to have the day off) because it’s a bit of a different crowd. It’s the retiree crowd, the student crowd who are working on projects or meeting up with others in their class, the moms with the young children or the people who get to work at home and are working away on their laptops.

This morning  while I was brainstorming some stuff and enjoying my granola and vanilla latte there was some good conversations going on around me. The first one that caught my ears was a man (who I pressumed worked in law) talking away on his cell phone about a case he was working on. He was talking about the seriousness of the case and how it will be so detrimental to his client if the client lost. It stirred all my curiosities. What did his client do? Did the client really do it? What happens to this person if the case is lost? Is it a man or woman? Most of all, what did the client do?

Across from me was a couple who were working on some sort of project. Sounded like the man was helping the women and when he had to leave, she thanked him so very much for taking time to help her out.

The best conversation was a group next to me. They was about five men and one woman ranging in age from maybe their 40’s to retiree age. I’ve seen this group at this coffee shop before. One man had a French accent, but was speaking Spanish at one point. The lady was speaking Spanish with him. Another man had a middle eastern accent. They talked about everything from the Russian election probe, how Facebook was involved (or not involved…wink/wink), Janet Jackson and how she just became a Mom at age fifty and their jobs (or where they used to work). It was so interesting to listen to them. I ,at one point, wanted to walk over and join them, they seemed like the kind of people who would be happy to add new members. The thing I liked about them most of all was 1) it reminded me of traveling abroad and how you often see people at cafes discussing all subjects under the sun and 2) they were able to speak freely about their opinions on all these subject without getting into an arguement or voices being raised which lately in America hasn’t been the case.

So that was that, and while I was sitting there listening and people watching, I thought I’d make this a regular feature, because it is fun and it’s kind of what I do all the time.


Happy Monday!

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