Autumn Bucket List

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This month seemed to have just flown by in a blink of an eye. This weekend is the first weekend I’ve had free to pretty much do nothing or do everything I want to do. In the busyness of the month, I haven’t had a chance to put together a proper “Autumn Bucket List” until this past week. So here it is, free off the press.

Fall To Do

This season will consist of the following fun items:

Neighborhood Walks

Decorating for Halloween = done

Bake some good stuff

Make some good comfort food dishes

Read more books = in progress

Try to make a new-to-me latte recipe

Relax = doing that today… hello spa day

Buy Flowers for the house = in progress

Decorate for Fall

Drink more water = in progress

Photo-a-Day Challenge = not happening so far.

Inktober challenge= in progress

Eat more apples = in progress

Make a dry leaves journal

Beach BBQ with friends = done

Fall picnic

Polaroid pictures = in progress

30-day journal challenge = done

Blog more = hmm, need to work on this

Spa days = in pogress

Buy pumpkins = done

Buy Halloween candy = doing that today

Start a “seasons” journal = done

Be thankful = in progress

Bake something for work colleagues

Patience = always working on this

Make a new Fall playlist = done

Buy a work worthy warm jacket = done = thank you J. Crew!

Hope your Fall is shaping up for some good fun.


PS- I downloaded this cute little “Autumn Bucket List” from the blog A Beautiful Mess  in case your interested.



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