Sundays Forever

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Neighborhoods / Sundays

This was a slow moving Sunday. I took my time this morning. After I was rested and ready, I stopped by the Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair in Old Town Pasadena. Whoa is me. So many good treasures there.

I specifically went to look for a vendor I purchased from last year. On my initial search, I saw this purse! I couldn’t let it stay there, the vendor pour favor said there were only two purses left. It was for a good cause, so I had to buy it. Check out her website RX Los Angeles has some dreamy and delicious linen sprays. So happy they were there again this year.

While searching (again), I ran into this book seller, Brown Bag Books. She had some vintage books that I couldn’t pass up. I especially love… well I can’t pick. The German one is so awesome.

Ah, those illustrations.

All in all maybe I made a small dent in my pocket book but I enjoy supporting independent artists, so not so bad.

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