One Moment

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Emotions / Randon Thoughts

Do you ever have one of those moments where you wish you could live over again? I guess everybody does. It’s part of human nature. A couple of weeks ago, I met up with my best friend from high school in San Diego to see one of our favorite bands in concert. Hearing the band sing songs that represent such an important time in my life and  being there with my friend of almost thirty years, brought up all these memories. Memories of so many moments, especially high school moments.

Some songs hit me more than others but it was a wrath of feelings throughout the show. Happiness, excitement, sadness, regret, more excitement and most of all nostalgia. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of nostalgic feelings. Both happy and sad. Is is because I’m getting old? Is it because I hit a “milestone” birthday this year? Is it because certain scenarios have come through my life, scenarios that reminded me of events that happened in my youth? Yes. No. Who knows. It could be all these elements.

I’ve been thinking about all these moments in my life and how I dealt with them.  Some I’m not so excited to remember, some I question my decisions, some I wish I could get a do-over and some bring me complete joy. I’ve come to realize that those “one moments” are what helped to shape me, for good – for bad. I can’t change them but I can think about them. I can reflect on them. I can move on. I can cherish them. Moments make us who we are and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.


Here’s to the moments in our lives..


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