Things I Miss

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For the most part, I’ve adjusted okay to pandemic life. Today I was thinking that there are a few things that I really miss. Things like this …


Buying fresh flowers and fruits at the Farmer’s Market. A Sunday regular for me.

library books

Library and book store visits. Sure I’ve been reading books on my iPad and I’ve ordered a few books from my favorite bookstore but I miss browsing the aisles, the air condition and stillness of the library and checking out new books.

coffee and eggs copy

I miss going to restaurants with my sister and Dad on the weekend. I miss my weekly Friday dinners with my girlfriends and trying new restaurants. I miss the click clack of glasses, people watching and seeing what other people are eating.

I also miss seeing my extended family in person. Sure we’ve done a few Zoom hangouts and it’s great to see everyone but I miss the hugs and the loudness of family gatherings.

Hopefully, all these things will be back in abundance when the time is right.

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