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Sundays Forever

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Today was an EXTRA lazy Sunday. It’s the one day I haven’t had to be anywhere or do anything. So needless to say there was a lot of laying in bed, which is not what I usually do when I have nothing to do but my body and mind were feeling pretty tired, so why not. There was also a lot of movie watching. Lady was lazy too. It’s kaki/persimmon season! As I’m writing this, […]

Taking Notice

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I’ve been reading a lot articles and blog posts about slowing things down and noticing what is around you. So while walking Lady the other morning, and not having to rush to be anywhere at any certain time, I took notice and some things really caught my eye. The sky was particularly pretty yet kind of eerie this morning. Mini yellows. Neatly swept leaves. The colors are changing. My favorite colors. A pretty cacti garden. […]