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Missing Life

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iphone / Three Things

My work life is creeping into my personal life right now. Things are crazy but it will all be done in two weeks then I get back into my regular groove. I’ve missed exploring the last few weeks but that doesn’t mean I haven’t snapped a picture during my daily routines. Here’s to getting things done and finding joy in the everyday messy stuff.

Sundays Forever

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Well it’s Sunday! Hooray, Woo-Hoo, Yes! Here’s what the day looked like. The brightest pink donut. Looked pretty, taste not so good. Looking for interesting textures while walking the dog. Two-tone. Always stop for interesting tile. Always!   More rain? I hope your Sunday was calm, cool and collected. Many more Sundays to all.

Taking Notice

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Everyday / iphone / Photography

I’ve been reading a lot articles and blog posts about slowing things down and noticing what is around you. So while walking Lady the other morning, and not having to rush to be anywhere at any certain time, I took notice and some things really caught my eye. The sky was particularly pretty yet kind of eerie this morning. Mini yellows. Neatly swept leaves. The colors are changing. My favorite colors. A pretty cacti garden. […]


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Bits & Pieces / iphone

Hello! Welcome to another week. It’s hot here in Southern California but I’m okay with that. As long as I am not feeling sticky, I’m good. I hope you are good too. HereĀ areĀ some things that are currently going on in my edge of the world. Did I ever mention I have a slight addiction towards office and art supplies. I do. I can’t stop. I love them. Here are some nice Micron pens that I […]

By the Sea

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California / Family / iphone / Summer

Vacation, it’s the best. If you can take the time, do it. Last week I got back from our annual family trip to the beach. Not going to brag but it was a good time and I kind of hated to come back. Here’s what went down. This way to the beach. There was some coloring involved. There are about three generations who come on our annual trip and we try to hang out as […]

Sundays Forever

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iphone / Neighborhoods / Sundays

Highland Park is a quickly changing neighborhood just a couple of cities over from my home. I venture there often for a coffee or a bite after a good hike. After a nice breakfast at one of the many restaurants, we wandered down the street to scope out the new stores that are rapidly appearing. Then we came across Highland Bowl. Highland Bowl used to be Mr. T’s Bowl. A place I would hang out […]