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Still here

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It’s been hard for me to keep this space up the last few months. Summer was hard. Not sure why but I was just not motivated to do much. However, I did… Explore a little teeny-tiny bit. Drink margaritas. One of my favorite summer drinks. Go camping at the beach. Now I’m ready to drink lots of coffee and enjoy all that the new season has to bring.

Sundays Forever

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Well it’s Sunday! Hooray, Woo-Hoo, Yes! Here’s what the day looked like. The brightest pink donut. Looked pretty, taste not so good. Looking for interesting textures while walking the dog. Two-tone. Always stop for interesting tile. Always!   More rain? I hope your Sunday was calm, cool and collected. Many more Sundays to all.

Fresh and New

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Happy New Year! How is your new year going so far? Mine has been pretty quiet. I’ve had a hard time getting back into the groove of everyday life. The holidays are always so busy, meeting up with friends, shopping, eating and sleeping in that sometimes getting back into a regular routine is kind of harsh. I know people find the new year a time to start over fresh, make some goals and reflect on […]


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Welcome to the winter solstice of 2016. It arrived early this morning with the sound of rain pounding on the windows. As I type this post, the rain is back with more force and some thunder. I think this may have been the first winter solstice that actually feels like winter in many years. Like a bear, I’d like to hibernate for winter, take naps and hide in the house but that’s not possible and […]

Cheery and Bright

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  I kind of love blurry photos of holiday lights. How is your holiday going? I’ve been in a bit of a slump. I usually love, love Christmas but this year I only have about 50% of my normal enthusiasm. That seems to be happening to a lot of people this year. I had a whole discussion about it with some of my cousins yesterday during our annual tamale making day. With Christmas only a […]


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It’s a part of me. It calms, restores, cools and just makes me happy to be around. It glistens, shines and crashes with mighty currents. I wish that one day I could live in a cottage by the ocean. Alone yet not alone. It’s beautiful in the Summer and beautiful in the Winter. Its part of Mother Earth but is such an integral part of my own personal welfare. Water.


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When you go on a mini road trip to San Diego with your best friends to see one of the BEST bands of all time (THE CURE), you indulge in some desserts from Extraordinary Desserts. Before After. Ahhh, so good! You have to indulge every once in awhile. Life is too short to miss out on good times with good people.  

Summer is coming

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Today is Memorial Day and here in the United States, Memorial Day is the usually considered the “unofficial” kick off for Summer. Which reminded me that Spring is coming to a close. Which then reminded me that the time is going by way to fast for me this year. I didn’t really get to take the time to enjoy Spring as much as I usually do. So, here in this space I am vowing to […]