One Moment

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Emotions / Randon Thoughts

Do you ever have one of those moments where you wish you could live over again? I guess everybody does. It’s part of human nature. A couple of weeks ago, I met up with my best friend from high school in San Diego to see one of our favorite bands in concert. Hearing the band sing songs that represent such an important time in my life and  being there with my friend of almost thirty years, brought up all these memories. Memories of so many moments, especially high school moments.

Some songs hit me more than others but it was a wrath of feelings throughout the show. Happiness, excitement, sadness, regret, more excitement and most of all nostalgia. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of nostalgic feelings. Both happy and sad. Is is because I’m getting old? Is it because I hit a “milestone” birthday this year? Is it because certain scenarios have come through my life, scenarios that reminded me of events that happened in my youth? Yes. No. Who knows. It could be all these elements.

I’ve been thinking about all these moments in my life and how I dealt with them.  Some I’m not so excited to remember, some I question my decisions, some I wish I could get a do-over and some bring me complete joy. I’ve come to realize that those “one moments” are what helped to shape me, for good – for bad. I can’t change them but I can think about them. I can reflect on them. I can move on. I can cherish them. Moments make us who we are and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.


Here’s to the moments in our lives..


Sundays Forever

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Sundays Forever

Well, we’re at a new week. Welcome to Sunday. How are you feeling today? I feel like I’m a mixed bag of feelings today:

Sick, there is a cold in my near future. Ugh!!

A little angry and disappointed in a person.

Happy because I can hear the rain falling outside. Sunny Southern California has not been living up to its name lately.

Cozy, what is better than staying in the house, under the blankets, watching old movies on TCM while its rainy and you are trying to kick a cold? Nothing.

Creative (see reason above).

I may also attempt to start reading a new book.

I hope your Sunday is treating you with whatever you need today.

Finding Inspiration

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Bits & Pieces / Personal Stories

Last week I was browsing the internet and I came across a question that made me think and ponder. What are 15 things that are inspiring you right now? Huh, there are so many things that inspire me, can I nail it down to 15 items? To tell you the truth, it was kind of hard when I wrote out my list and let me tell you why.

Earlier this year I attended an art retreat put on by one the Get Messy founders. I’ve been following their art journal community/website for some years now, so when I saw that there was a retreat that was going to be held in South Carolina, I signed up immediately. This retreat really got to me (in an EXCELLENT way). It reinvigorated my desire to start creating again on a daily basis. It made me take the time to look at things that may seem small in my daily life but really do have an impact on my happiness and sanity. It reminded me that it’s good to go out of your comfort zone and listen to stories of other women. It was awesome!

What does the retreat have to do with inspiration you ask? It changed me. It reminded me to be inspired…EVERYDAY! There’s so much “noise” in the world right now, the internet can take you down a rabbit hole of images, peoples opinions, good and bad, television, so many channels to watch, the algorithm constantly tell you what you should watch next, what accounts you should follow, blah, blah, blah. I think it makes it hard to think for ourselves sometimes. So yes, the retreat made me re-think the way I take in information and truly try to find what inspires me.

So, here’s my list. It’s what I’m enjoying right now at this moment in my life. Subject to change whenever I feel like it.

  • The artists who participate in the Get Messy community
  • The art of Wayne Thiebaud (saw a retrospect at SFMOMA).
  • The flowers that are in full bloom all around the city.
  • The colors of Spring like pinks and yellows.
  • Travel, especially the city of San Francisco.
  • Abstract art.
  • Layering, ie in paintings and collages.
  • Neon pink and the color red.
  • Music lyrics from my favorite bands.
  • Vintage Paris.
  • Kate Spade’s book Places to go People to See.
  • Clothing from teens and band members in the punk, nu wave and metal scenes of the 1980’s.
  • Art tools that are not classic art tools. Examples spatulas used as a paint brush.
  • Ephemera from daily life used in mixed media collages.
  • Brainsparker app.

So, while I could easily jot down 15 things that are inspiring me right now, it’s harder to think why they are inspiring me, what about them are inspiring and how can that inspiration be used in my creative outlets. Maybe it was harder to jot down 15 things but I’m glad I took the time to think about it.

Sundays Forever

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Neighborhoods / Sundays

This was a slow moving Sunday. I took my time this morning. After I was rested and ready, I stopped by the Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair in Old Town Pasadena. Whoa is me. So many good treasures there.

I specifically went to look for a vendor I purchased from last year. On my initial search, I saw this purse! I couldn’t let it stay there, the vendor pour favor said there were only two purses left. It was for a good cause, so I had to buy it. Check out her website RX Los Angeles has some dreamy and delicious linen sprays. So happy they were there again this year.

While searching (again), I ran into this book seller, Brown Bag Books. She had some vintage books that I couldn’t pass up. I especially love… well I can’t pick. The German one is so awesome.

Ah, those illustrations.

All in all maybe I made a small dent in my pocket book but I enjoy supporting independent artists, so not so bad.

Hello Spring

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Bits & Pieces

hello spring

Hello  Spring, Hello You, Hello Me!

I’m here, thankfully I’m still here. It’s been kind of a whirlwind of a Winter but Spring is here and I’m happy to say everything is really coming up roses. I missed this space and I hope to update more frequently. I know I say that a lot but that’s how I feel and sometimes this space isn’t my priority.

Anyways, happy to be back and happy to share.

Autumn Bucket List

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Goals / Seasons

This month seemed to have just flown by in a blink of an eye. This weekend is the first weekend I’ve had free to pretty much do nothing or do everything I want to do. In the busyness of the month, I haven’t had a chance to put together a proper “Autumn Bucket List” until this past week. So here it is, free off the press.

Fall To Do

This season will consist of the following fun items:

Neighborhood Walks

Decorating for Halloween = done

Bake some good stuff

Make some good comfort food dishes

Read more books = in progress

Try to make a new-to-me latte recipe

Relax = doing that today… hello spa day

Buy Flowers for the house = in progress

Decorate for Fall

Drink more water = in progress

Photo-a-Day Challenge = not happening so far.

Inktober challenge= in progress

Eat more apples = in progress

Make a dry leaves journal

Beach BBQ with friends = done

Fall picnic

Polaroid pictures = in progress

30-day journal challenge = done

Blog more = hmm, need to work on this

Spa days = in pogress

Buy pumpkins = done

Buy Halloween candy = doing that today

Start a “seasons” journal = done

Be thankful = in progress

Bake something for work colleagues

Patience = always working on this

Make a new Fall playlist = done

Buy a work worthy warm jacket = done = thank you J. Crew!

Hope your Fall is shaping up for some good fun.


PS- I downloaded this cute little “Autumn Bucket List” from the blog A Beautiful Mess  in case your interested.



Hello October

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Favorite Things / iphone / Neighborhoods / Observations

The windows are open but I can hear the rain coming down. It’s the first rain of the season. October has arrived and I’m so excited for this season. Carved pumpkins, leaves on the ground, cool days/cool evenings, misty mornings, Santa Ana winds, Halloween, costumes, scary movies, pumpkin spice and everything nice.

LeavesI think this is going to be a season of change. I’m not sure if it will all be good but I’m ready to face it. Also, I want to relish in everything I love about the Halloween season.

sky I

Sky II


Welcome, to the fall season.