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369 Project / Goals / Photography

Since my birthday a few weeks ago, I’ve been working on a 365-photo-a-day project. I’ve started these before and never finished. This year I’m determined to get the job done. It’sa goal I want to accomplish.

Here’s a few shots that I like so far.

Tues 03 28 17

Mon 3 27 17


Here’s to personal challenges and accomplishing them!

San Diego

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Adventures / Favorite Things / road trips

Last month me and my sister went to San Diego for a short trip. Sisters Weekend!

beach train

We took the Amtrak. Hooray for not having to drive and no traffic. Here’s a view as the lovely ocean came into sight.

balboa I

We spent a lot of time in Balboa Park.

Balboa II

Balboa III.jpg

There’s so much to do there. So many little corners to explore. It must be fun during the Summer time.


The blossoms were on-point.

North Park

Saturday night in North Park is a must.

Pink Neon


Communal I

Have you been to Communal Coffee? I suggest you go. It’s got the best of both world. Coffee and flowers. What more could a girl ask for?

Communal II

One of each, please. One of each.

TouristDorky tourist. Oh wait, that’s us. It was fun and I hope we can have more Sisters weekends. San Diego is a blast. So much to do, so little time.

Greetings from San Diego!




Happy Cake

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Canon EOS M3 / Personal Stories

It was my birthday on Friday. On Saturday, I had a small dinner party with close family and friends. It was nice, intimate and happy.


cakekendall farms

There was lots and lots of food. There was cake and flowers. There was also conversations, super-duper great gifts, lots of laughs and lots of fawning over my dog Ladybug. She’s always a hit at our parties.

I’m glad I’m here to celebrate another year of life. When I was young, I thought 43 was old. It was my parents age. I had a totally different life planned for myself back then,compared to the way I am really living, but that’s okay. Life happens and I’m glad I’m here for another year of life.

In the Kitchen

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Bits & Pieces / Canon EOS M3 / Home

I love our little kitchen. The light in there in the morning is dreamy. Here’s some things I’ve been capturing in there.


I love the packaging on Twinings Tea. The color is soft and the paper is slick.




I liked this color combo.

It’s the simple everyday things I get excited about photographing and learning more and more how to photograph them.

Sundays Forever

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Bits & Pieces / Neighborhoods / Sundays Forever

Wow, life has been harsh the last few weeks. I’m generally not one to complain but my work life is crazy busy right now and with so much on my plate, I feel like I’m not giving my all to each project I’m working on. Not sure how I’m going to make it to the end of my super big – super important project that ends in May but hoping I get it done. Whew! Had to get that off my chest because on Friday night I started feeling tinges of a panic attack and that made me take a few steps back. Panic attacks are not fun, no, not at all. I must figure out how to get  my frustrations out before I bottle them up and the explode.

In my anxious mood, I had some trouble sleeping so at 6:00 am I woke up. I stared at the ceiling, listened to my ipod and tried to sleep. Didn’t happen so I took Lady out on her morning walk. There was fog. Lots of fog, can’t see 3 feet in front of you fog and SILENCE. Just what  was needed.




There were also some poppies that caught my eye.

Savour your Sunday!

This Tree

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Bits & Pieces / Canon EOS M3 / Home

Every February this tree on the side of the house comes to life. The pink petals begin to glow among the dark branches and damp ground. The tree is visible right outside my window and on sunny days it brings a sunny disposition to my morning wake up routine.




I just love the way it contrasts against the cement. It’s like a floor of pink goodness.



The petals fall everywhere. It’s such a nice, almost secret reminder that Spring is on the way. I love this tree and hope I get to spend many more years admiring it’s beauty.

One Week Ago

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Current / Personal Stories

I marched with thousands of other people in Downtown Los Angeles. I had a lot of feelings. I was emotional. I was overwhelmed, happy, sad, empowered, claustrophobic, anxious, mad, encouraged, in-sync, ready and so many more.



I don’t think I’ve seen this many people, in my life, in one concentrated area. It was kind of breathtaking.



I marched with work colleagues, family, friends, other women, other men and children. Then I turn on the news this week and everything seems so dismal and sad. I feel like things are going to get ugly before they get better. However, I think people are going to rise, stand up for those who can’t and resist. At least I hope so.


Sundays Forever

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iphone / Uncategorized

Well it’s Sunday! Hooray, Woo-Hoo, Yes! Here’s what the day looked like.


The brightest pink donut. Looked pretty, taste not so good.


Looking for interesting textures while walking the dog.




Always stop for interesting tile. Always!



More rain?

I hope your Sunday was calm, cool and collected. Many more Sundays to all.

Fresh and New

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Bits & Pieces / Goals / Uncategorized

Happy New Year! How is your new year going so far? Mine has been pretty quiet. I’ve had a hard time getting back into the groove of everyday life. The holidays are always so busy, meeting up with friends, shopping, eating and sleeping in that sometimes getting back into a regular routine is kind of harsh.

I know people find the new year a time to start over fresh, make some goals and reflect on the past year. I guess I do that to some degree but I tend to get more reflective around my birthday in March. To me, that’s the beginning of a new year but this year I thought I’d change it up a bit. So, I sat down last week and just brainstormed a bunch of things I’d like to do this year and these few items were at the top of my list.

  • Travel abroad. It’s been way too long since I’ve traveled outside the U.S. and I’m feeling a trip might be in order. Places I’m considering: Colombia, Cuba or maybe Argentina.
  • Take a few short trips up and down the California coast.
  • Get back into the creative groove. I’ve signed up for two classes so far and vowed to do one creative thing everyday. Class #1 Everyday Photography: 52 Weeks of Documenting Life. Class #2  Creative Bootcamp: Six Exercises  to Spark Artistic Discovery so far I’m enjoying both of them very much. Super Fun!
  • Venture out a bit more. I’ve felt like a big couch potato the last few months and felt like my weekends were being wasted on Netflix. So this year, I’d like to go out into the city and explore like a tourist.

So that’s it. Nothing to major but still something to look back at the end of the year and see what I actually accomplished.



Here’s to a fresh and new 2017!