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Happy Cake

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Canon EOS M3 / Personal Stories

It was my birthday on Friday. On Saturday, I had a small dinner party with close family and friends. It was nice, intimate and happy. There was lots and lots of food. There was cake and flowers. There was also conversations, super-duper great gifts, lots of laughs and lots of fawning over my dog Ladybug. She’s always a hit at our parties. I’m glad I’m here to celebrate another year of life. When I was young, […]


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road trips / Uncategorized

When you go on a mini road trip to San Diego with your best friends to see one of the BEST bands of all time (THE CURE), you indulge in some desserts from Extraordinary Desserts. Before After. Ahhh, so good! You have to indulge every once in awhile. Life is too short to miss out on good times with good people.