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Sundays Forever

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Everyday / Sundays Forever

Today was an EXTRA lazy Sunday. It’s the one day I haven’t had to be anywhere or do anything. So needless to say there was a lot of laying in bed, which is not what I usually do when I have nothing to do but my body and mind were feeling pretty tired, so why not. There was also a lot of movie watching. Lady was lazy too. It’s kaki/persimmon season! As I’m writing this, […]

Sunday Forever

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Bits & Pieces / Neighborhoods / Sundays Forever

Wow, October is just flying by and it’s been a little hard to come up for some air. After a busy week, I’m glad there is Sunday to relax and catch up. Some things that caught my eye on this fine Sunday. Halloween decorations are making their way throughout the neighborhood. This house always has epic decorations. Somebody let Mr. Bones out of the yard. Somebody actually escaped but didn’t see to make it too […]